We takes pride in following socially responsible policies. Our company aims to be accountable for the labor conditions under which our garments are produced, to companies we do business with, to consumers, and in general to the society that we are part of. 

Admission age for employment shall not be less than 15 years. There shall be no exploitation of child labour (ILO Convention 138). ”There shall be no forms of forced or compulsory labor. Children (in the age of 15-18) shall not perform work which by its nature or the circumstances in which it is carried out is likely to harm their health, safety or morals” (ILO Convention 182).

Workers safety shall be prioritized at all times. A policy on occupational safety, occupational health, and the working environment shall be implemented and coherent with national law. Workers shall possess the knowledge of specific hazards for the industry and attention shall be paid to a safe and hygienic working environment such as e.g measures against a possible fire, with one person in each department trained in the specific field (following ILO Convention 155).

The Code of Conduct is the starting point of our vision to implement and work with qulity throughout the process. The Code of Conduct will also help us to continue to sell our products in a highly competitive market.

Our Materials:
We carefully and methodically select our materials in order to use garments with the lowest possible environmental impact. Our ambition is to carefully select our partners and be a forefront of the industry, try to sourcing and implementing the use of environmentally friendly materials. We work with Portugal and Italy and hence the quality is prioritized as well as the environmental footprint is in focus, throughout the whole process.