Sport and business is a big part of my daily life as well as a lot of peoples life. You make business, you make activities and you would like to wear a nice look wherever you go. This without to many decision making. Make the process easy and simple. Hence, the idea of creating the perfect outfit to wear on a daily basis, at the office as well as when doing an activity or joining a party, was born. This is performance fashion by Bernstein.

The Thoughts Behind

The lack of clothes for business performance, i.e. Clothes to perform in both business and sports and not least for parties. Everyday clothes that can easily be converted into workout clothes and vice-versa. To feel fast, unique and comfortable no matter where you are in life. The idea of the collection is that all garments can easily be combined, both colors and materials. Furthermore, the garments should be easy to travel with and together form the perfect travel wardrobe and the "kit". By producing in Portugal with fabrics and details from Italy creates a feeling of exclusivity. Each piece should be your favourite!